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One Woman to Another : Our Journeys Through the Change

By Dr. Annie Evans

"Real Women, Real Stories, Real Solutions"

Why the silence that still surrounds the events of the menopause?
Why are so few women prepared for the perimenopausal years in their 40s and unaware that so many of the bizarre occurrences that they experience are shared by the majority of women of their own age?
Indeed why is the menopause still such a source of shame in our society and women going through the “change” the subject of jokes and comedy?
This book is a true sharing of real stories, the gathered experience of hundreds (if not thousands!) of women that have sought my help and I have been privileged to be able to share information with and advise over the last 25 years.
It is hopefully neither opinionated nor definitive, but merely descriptive – now is the time for a real account of real women’s stories, dealing with real issues, so none of us need ever feel alone again.

What Dr. Annie’s Clients Say…

“The menopause can for some people be unbearable. I became morose and totally unable to control my body temperature, having previously been of a calm cheerful disposition. Dr.Annie changed all that by prescribing HRT and helping me to understand all the benefits as well as the drawbacks. To be honest I now feel like “me” again – life before was no longer giving me the pleasure I was used to. Its rarely that you see a Doctor of any speciality who could be more understanding than Dr Annie.”

“ Dear Dr. Annie, You are a superb doctor who quite possibly saved my life by identifying the perimenopause, which I’d never even heard of until I read an article of yours. For years I was blighted by depression and anti-depressants did nothing for me. Turns out that I was barking up the wrong tree. Through you I finally found an answer which has stopped those devastating low moods. I feel normal and happy again.”

Dr. Annie says: “There has been nothing better in my professional life than be embraced by women, coming back to see me and telling me with tears in their eyes and a big smile, that they “are back to the old me again”!


Dr. Annie

I have been a Women’s Health Expert in the UK, specialising in the complex and exciting field of women’s hormones, for the last 25 years. I have talked and presented all over the world, meeting women from all cultures and backgrounds – despite these differences, the similarities in experience during the menopause are astounding.
Over the course of my career, women came to me asking for information, advice and guidance in every life stage. My passion became listening to women’s stories of the challenges they face in the years leading up to and surrounding the menopause, and then offering advice and management strategies.

This book cannot provide solutions for all women, it’s purpose is simply to reflect the journeys and experiences of the wonderful women I have listened to and shared insights and knowledge with. I believe that a journey is easier with eyes open and some light to guide the path.                                                                                                                                       This book is a gift from One Woman to Another, as we journey through the change.          – Dr. Annie –